José Juan Guijarro Braña

Born March 13th, 1963 in Palma, graduated in Hispanic Philology in 1986 by the University of the Balearic Islands. Teacher of Spanish Language since 1989 at IES Son Pacs.

In 1992, from the teaching field and as an Audiovisual Media Coordinator, he started working with the new communication technologies and participated in the Mercury Project of the Ministry of Education and Science.

In 1993, along with his students, he made his first short film.

In 1995, he completed the ACD Course for the Training of Media Audiovisual Guides in Ciudad Real, becoming part of the program as a coordinator of the New Information and Communication Technologies of the Secretary of State for Education.

In 1996, his work “Fast Forward”, made with his students, received the First Prize (Lluna de València) at the XI Certamen Cinema Jove de València.

Since then, he has been the coordinator and director of the production of more than fifty school shorts made in the framework of subject Cinema Workshop at IES Son Pacs.

In 2011, as the person responsible and editor of “An image for reflection” Project, he received the CREARTE prizefrom the Ministry of Education.

In 2012, he was the Balearic coordinator of the ARCE Project “Communicate with images: audiovisual production for an education in values”, together with two schools from Madrid and Ponferrada.

Throughout these years, the shorts of the students of the IES Son Pacs have been awarded with the most important awards of the school cinema (CINEMA JOVE de València, TIMELINE Festival of Milan, Kolibri Festival of Colombia, BALDIRI REIXAC of Barcelona, the FIC CAT of Catalonia, among others).

In 2014, he received the ACIB Awardin recognition of his entire career.

In 2015, together with the teacher Maria Gràcia Cloquell, he obtained the National Audiovisual Literacy Prize of the Ministry of Education and the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts with the “Sopa d’imatges” project. Likewise, he received a special mention from the Princess of Asturias Foundation with the collaboration of Google in its first audiovisual event.

Currently, he continues producing school shorts under the Son Pacs Productions label.