Victòria Morell

Director, screenwriter and producer of audiovisual content. His work in directing the documentary “Baltasar Samper. The amnesiac rhythm ”. In the mini series “La Paca, the matriarch of drugs” and “Prostitution and trafficking. Question of Power”. In Barcelona he has worked in the department producing more than a dozen documentaries; “The Commonwealth of Catalonia”, “Els judicis dels germans Creix”, “The hospital that looks at the sea” are some of the examples. Also in the production of fiction short films. With a journalistic background, she directs the feminist program “Dones” on the Balearic regional radio. Director and scriptwriter of the documentary feature film: “Petricor. History of women who hurt themselves”. She is the delegate of the Association of women filmmakers and audiovisual media (CIMA) in the Balearic Islands.