I was born on the beautiful island of Mallorca on December9,1996, and the essence of the Mediterranean Sea accompanies all my works.

It is impossible for me to remember when I started telling stories. From a very young age, it was necessity to do, before even knowing how to write.  My first steps in film also go back to childhood.

The Night of the Greek Calendas (2013), my first feature film written and co-directed, was an ambitious project set in the nineteenth centurythanks to which I learned how to work with a rather large team that became afamily.

After that experience in amateur cinema, I started my studies on Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts at the Centro Universitario de Artes TAI, in Madrid. There, I participated in more than a dozen short films, either as a screenwriter or as a director.

I’m looking for a way of creation that comes from discovery and game, just like kids do, to be my maxim.  When I’m going to shoot a story, I always wonder: Does it need to exist? If I can travel through it with the same vividness with which I would anywhere in the world, that’s a yes. Experimenting and telling stories is the only way to really stay alive. Since I was a child, fiction has been my only way to approach reality.

I am currently working on the rewriting of my second feature film, a story set on a lost island of the Mediterranean, which is a hybrid between fantasy and reality.