Hector Escandell

Héctor Escandell
(8th February 1978 – Ibiza)

Héctor Escandell directs his first short film, “La Llamada”, in 1998. It is a small tribute to the old slapstick. A work that, despite its modesty, managed to win the Panorama Balear Prize at the 2000 Elektrozine Film Festival. The award was repeated in 2001 with “Memorias de mi año sabático” and 2002 with “Las mujeres de Àlex”. During the rest of the first decade of the 21st century, Escandell, directs light comedies such as “La Pócima del Doctor Chang” or “El Tercer Ojo”. The international projection came in 2011: the short film “Dr. Sí” (2010), co-directed by Vicente Torres, was selected and screened in the Short Film Corner section of the Cannes Film Festival. After this experience and a transition to dark plots, Héctor Escandell and Vicente Torres, filmed “The Crimes of All Hallows’ Day” (2013), a rural horror short film, set in Ibiza in the early 70s, which features Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi as the host and has the contribution of FX specialist Adrián Cardona. “The Crimes of All Hallows’ Day” becomes one of the most successful international horror short films in 2013. Apart from being selected in the Short Film Corner of Cannes, it had an extensive distribution in festivals around the world (France, Germany, England, Brazil, Peru, French Polynesia, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, United States, Mexico, Argentina etc.) and was screened at the most important horror and fantastic film festival in the world, the Sitges Film Festival. Its tour finished with 30 selections and 4 prizes (3 of them in the United States). Then, without leaving the horror genre, Escandell shoots two more short films. The first, “No Life” (2014), is a work of only 3 minutes, premiered at the Notodofilmfestival online festival, which ended up being shown at festivals around the world thanks to its 26 selections. The second, “One Night at the Angel’s Lair”, is not a standard short film, but two sequences of the script of a feature film that were shot as a teaser trailer for funding reasons. Its premiere took place in the Coming Soon section of the Sitges Film Festival 2015. In February 2017, the feature film “The Crimes of All Hallows’ Day”, based on the short film of the same name, directed again by Héctor Escandell and Vicente Torres, was part of the Balearic Islands Film Commission expedition in the Berlinale European Film Market. The world premiere of the feature film took place in January 2018 at the Noida International Film Festival in India, where it also won the award for the best original music (Germán Escandell).

In April of the same year, the film was screened at the Spanish Screenings, a parallel industry section of the Malaga Film Festival. In May of the same year, “The Crimes of All Hallows’ Day” participated in two more festivals: the Inca Imperial International Film Festival in Lima (Peru) and the Horror Hotel International Film Festival in Cleveland, Ohio (United States). In the latter, the film won the third prize for best foreign feature film and the actress Ana Vide was nominated for best-supporting actress. After being selected in 10 festivals and having won 3 awards, “The Crimes of All Hallows’ Day” has been acquired by Balearic regional television IB3, by the channel DARK, with presence in the main Spanish television platforms (including Movistar TV), and by several channels in Central and South America. Its premiere in commercial movie theaters took place on January 18, 2019.



2017.- The Crimes of All Hallows’ Day (feature)
2015.- One Night at the Angel’s Lair
2014.- No Life
2013.- The Crimes of All Hallows’ Day (short)
2012.- Vecinas
2010.- Dr. Sí
2010.- El Tercer Ojo
2004.- La Pócima del Doctor Chang
2002.- Las Mujeres de Álex
2002.- La Llamada