Bernardo Arzayus

Born in Cali, Colombia in 1973. For 5 years he works as a creative in agencies of advertising like McCann Erickson, Young & Rubicam and DDB. In the year 2000 he arrives in Spain to study film and makes a Master in Film Direction in the San Pablo Ceu University of Madrid. In that era he writes and directs 4 short films in 8 mil.metros: “Ciclos”, “David de Laura”, “Ciudad s / n, and” F, el bater.a “. Works at several film and television production company in Madrid as an editor, camera operator and Specializes in being a hot head operator. Among the things to be highlighted: Editor of the documentary series of 23 chapters, “Green Cities”, broadcast on the 2nd Television Espanola and editor of the feature film “Humano (2012)”, by Juan Ignacio Manterola. As an expert hot-head operator he travels throughout Spain making hundreds of feature films, documentaries, advertisements, television programs, direct and concerts. In 2005 he arrived in Mallorca and worked in IB3 Television as a hot head operator. TO As of 2007, it is linked to different producers in Mallorca as head operator hot and camera operator in TV shows of Producers like 8 Mil.metros or Singular Audiovisual. In 2012 he created his own independent audiovisual production company, Piper Cut Movies. Direct and edit corporate videos for small businesses, music video clips and make photos and video of events. In 2016 he writes and directs the short film “Las cosas de mi hija”, starring Carles Molinet. The film premieres in the summer at CineCiutat and is currently selected in several festivals. Bernardo Arzayus Pereanez email: