Alejandro Dioscórides

Álex discórides. Palma, 1984. Audiovisual realizer, edits and camera operator. More than 10 years dexperiència in the audiovisual món. He has worked in advertising, cinema and corporate communication projects. Will be cuatre anys com editor i ajudant de realització to the program 1,2,3 SUS !! of the televisió de mallorca. Also a realitzat of video clips and videoart. Master MAISCA in 3D animation in 2011 with the Carnivalle Balloon calendar as a result.
“The atlas of the cloud” by Watchowski, in the Hollywood movie shop of the Germans Watchowski, is located in the center of the city and is part of the technical team with the assistance of video for 5 minutes. which is rodaren a mallorca.
In art and work with the painter, Philip Wolf and with several video fish, and also with video games in the world of camcorder and video of the images for electronic music groups and DJ.

Update of the film of the documentary director with the own mark of the

Documentary Overbooking (2019)
Tramuntana Documentary Circuit (2016)
Curt d’animació Carnivale Balloon (2011)

Ecozine Film Festival 2019, Millor llargmetratge national documentary